The Four Pillars of a Successful Core-System Replacement Project

 In Healthcare Transformation

Replacing a core healthcare IT system could be the biggest project your organization undertakes–and the biggest project of your career. That’s why it’s crucial to have a process that helps you and your business evaluate the benefits and risks of such a project before a “go” decision is made.

Change Healthcare experts Bob Hoover and Mauricio “MJ” Jimenez have run core-system replacements large and small, and can help you ensure success by learning the four pillars of a successful core-system replacement project:

  1. Implementation readiness: proper planning is the key to success
  2. Governance: the framework required for effective project management
  3. Business transformation: strategy to mitigate the disruption the change will bring to the business
  4. Execution framework: execution is the most critical of the four pillars to have a successful core-system replacement project

Watch the video now and be better prepared to assess your organization’s needs. After you watch, learn more about Change Healthcare Consulting Services or talk to one of our experts.

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