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Investment in consumer engagement is a top priority for payers and providers, and value-based care is the main driver. But the majority of consumers say their experience with providers and health plans hasn’t improved–or has even gotten worse in the past 24 months. Plus, consumer engagement is hampered by a “millennial gap” that shows older patients aren’t getting the attention they need to benefit from consumerization strategies.

These are just some of the findings from The Engagement Gap: Healthcare Consumer Engagement in 2017, a new study of the state of consumer engagement in healthcare conducted by ORC International and commissioned by Change Healthcare.

The study, which surveyed 251 providers, 89 payers, and 771 consumers, sheds light on why and how payers and providers are focusing on consumer engagement, where they’re investing, the differences in their priorities, and consumer perceptions of how well they’re doing.

The Engagement Gap: Healthcare Consumer Engagement in 2017 is designed to help stakeholders see how the industry is responding to the consumerization of healthcare, and outlines which engagement strategies are working or not, what consumers are using and what they want, how stakeholders are collaborating, and more.

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Today Change Healthcare announced the release of new research, The Engagement Gap: Healthcare Consumer Engagement in 2017, showing that value-based care is propelling investment in consumer engagement, while consumers are thirsting ...

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