Simplifying CMS’s new Comprehensive Primary Cares Innovation Model

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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently launched a new innovation model known as the Comprehensive Primary Cares Initiative (CPCI). The goal of this voluntary multi-payer model is to strengthen the use of and reliance on primary care for all patients, while pushing forward in the progression from fee-for-service to a value-based healthcare system.

The CPCI comprises a new set of payment models designed to transform primary care to deliver higher value for patients throughout the U.S. healthcare system. CMS says the CPCI builds on lessons learned from previous models, and will reduce administrative burdens and empower primary care providers to spend more time caring for patients while reducing healthcare costs.

To help understand this complex but important new CMS program, we invited Dr. Andrei Gonzales, Change Healthcare’s AVP of Product Management for Value Based Payments, to talk about the initiative’s potentially transformative effect on payment and clinical models. In addition to helping improve care quality and reducing cost for CMS members, Dr. Gonzales says this new model can also help improve quality scores and expand opportunities for shared savings.

Covered on today’s show:

  • What is the CMS Comprehensive Primary Cares Initiative (7:22)
  • The timeline for the effect on primary care physicians (17:18)
  • What health plans can do now to prepare for the future (20:33)
  • Providers’ reactions to the new initiative (22:35)

Episode Resources

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