A Q&A with Aaron Green: Change Healthcare Radiology Solutions™ – What to Expect at RSNA 2019

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As we got ready to showcase our solutions at RSNA 2019, we sat down with our Enterprise Imaging executive team to hear their views of, and strategy for, Change Healthcare’s presence at the show. Through our Q&A format, you’ll get a high-level look at our core Enterprise Imaging solutions and how they can help customers address the most pressing issues related to cost, complexity, and care.

In the first of our three-part series, we talked to Aaron Green, senior vice president and general manager of our Radiology Solutions team.

Q. How are you helping vendors save costs?

Aaron Green: Change Healthcare helps vendors reduce costs by removing complexity within their IT operations. By this I mean that moving toward a single vendor takes out all the integrations and interfaces that are required in a multivendor environment. This helps organizations improve overall productivity, reduce cost, and better leverage their IT investment.

Our software optimizes the customer’s storage environment, whether on-premise or in the cloud. The software is optimized for enhanced workflow and reading performance, as well as storage requirements—less space needed, faster performance. With increased efficiency in clinical workflow, customers can realize improvements in turnaround times, which in turn helps to reduce patient lengths of stay, which in turn then reduces costs to the hospital. I would like to point out that we have designed the solution to be compliant with all regulatory requirements, healthcare standards, government security standards, and MIPS quality measures.

Q. How does the Radiology solution streamline workflow and enhance the EHR experience for the clinical user?

Aaron: I see this as two steps. First, when it comes to the clinical workflow, Change Healthcare focuses on making sure that the right study is available to the right physician at the right time. Doing this helps to streamline the amount of time it takes, from the moment the patient goes through the scanner to when the right physician is notified to read that study. Streamlining in this manner makes us the navigator that helps to ensure that the images get to the right physician, no matter where they are in the enterprise.

The second step is our focus on enhancing the radiologist’s reading experience by automating the workflow. Studies are laid out through smart display protocols, which take advantage of automatic anatomical awareness. This automated guidance in the workflow helps physicians to read in their preferred manner for maximum efficiency, and it helps ensure that they have the right toolsets available to them for reviewing both current and historical exams. Efficiency is increased, because the physician can move more quickly and confidently toward generating a final report.

The Change Healthcare Radiology Enterprise Suite enables real-time access to all relevant patient data. In addition, it helps physicians avoid unnecessary testing by pulling all such data from the EHR, and other sources of truth, into an easy-to-read, study-centric layout that includes patient history and lab work. Along with helping to translate data to useful insights, this solution plays a key role in helping to reduce costs by speeding time to discharge, as well as improving reporting and diagnostic accuracy.

Q. What are you doing now to improve patient care and drive clinically significant outcomes?

Aaron: Improving patient care is a key objective at Change Healthcare. We work to help organizations achieve this by offering a solution that automates the workflow and integrates smart tools to enhance communication and collaboration.

Our single-user interface improves workflows and automatically assigns and prioritizes exams for interpretation. Images are instantly displayed and can be accessed from any location at any time. The right patients are prioritized to the top of the list, so that significant findings are quickly addressed. The automated process also helps ensure that patients are not left waiting, without being notified of an issue. Making the solution even better is that it extends to departments beyond radiology to host all medical images that are part of the full patient record.

Q. What’s new this year (or, what are you most excited to show at RSNA)?

Aaron: We have many new innovations and enhancements across our portfolio in workflow orchestration, archiving capabilities, and EHR integration.

I’m especially excited about the work we have been doing over the past year with Epic on an important integration with our Change Healthcare Imaging Fellow. It offers an interface with the Epic EHR (and Cerner) that enables immediate retrieval of data, giving physicians the most up-to-date patient information available. Imaging Fellow—available in the Epic app, Orchard—incorporates key industry standards such as Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) right along with Epic’s, and other EHR vendors’, proprietary APIs that provide access to clinical data. Working together, we have helped make EHR data as easily available and usable as possible.

Q. Why should a customer come to visit us at our booth for a demo?

Aaron: Change Healthcare is doing a lot of cutting-edge things in radiology, so there is no better way to learn more and see it all in action than to stop by our booth at the show. We are a team with more than 25 years of experience.

But, we’re actually pretty boring. Boring that is, if you consider that every day our solutions run successfully and without disruption in more than 3,300 imaging facilities around the world. Our systems manage (more than) 1.16 billion studies for 230 million patients. This translates to 41 petabytes of data and more than 96 billion images.

Come see the team that works for you, day in and day out, without any issues. We deliver industry-leading solutions that provide stability and efficiency to our customers. Did you know that our radiology solutions are in 70% of the top 10 largest U.S. for-profit hospitals, 25% of all U.S. hospitals, and over 100 enterprise-scale multi-hospital systems? They are … and we’re pretty proud of that!

To learn more, stop by and see us at booth #6713 at RSNA, or schedule a demo with us.

As we got ready to showcase our cardiology solutions at RSNA 2019, we sat down with our Enterprise Imaging executive team to hear more about Change Healthcare’s presence at the show.

In the second of our three-part series on our core Enterprise Imaging ...

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