Payers: Test Your Contracting Skills in Under 60 Seconds

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Which strategies work best to boost medical cost savings for a health plan’s members?

Here’s a fun Provider Contract Optimization Challenge that can help reveal the answer. It uses actual payer data to test multiple approaches payers use to reduce medical costs.

Your job: Review the four sets of contract reimbursement approaches, and pick those you think can deliver the greatest savings potential. Based on your choices, you can unlock up to $13 million in medical cost savings.

It’s no secret that optimizing contracts is a crucial strategy that payers use to better manage fast-rising medical costs. But optimizing value-based and risk-sharing contracts isn’t easy, as they can vary for an individual provider by both line of business and network affiliation.

See if you have what it takes to spot the best approaches to optimizing complex contracts.

Take the Provider Contract Optimization Challenge

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