Journey to Value: The State of Value-Based Reimbursement

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Journey to Value The State Of Value Based ReimbursementThere’s no turning back from value-based care and value-based reimbursement. Payers are 58% along the continuum to VBR, up from 48% in 2014. And Providers are now 50% down the road to value.

That’s according to a national study of 465 payers and hospitals conducted by ORC International and commissioned by Change Healthcare. Yet despite tremendous growth in capitation/global payments, pay for performance, and episode of care/bundled payments, many payers and providers still face obstacles in the transition to value-based care.

See where healthcare stands in its journey to value and what it means for the industry in Journey to Value: The State of Value-Based Reimbursement.

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According to a recent survey1, 60% of healthcare organizations outsource their medical coding functions — and for good reasons. Enabling a third-party organization to handle coding can free up valuable team members for other important tasks — particularly physicians, who may understand the need to code their ...

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