HealthQx® Bring Your Own Key Service

Providing Customers the Keys to Cloud Security

Payers and providers are actively looking to cloud-based applications to improve business processes and reduce costs, but have been slow to embrace these solutions due to data-security concerns. Constant attacks from a global network of cyber criminals and the sensitive nature of protected health information have made users hesitant to leverage technology solutions outside their immediate control.

To address this concern, the Change Healthcare Intelligent Healthcare Network™ now offers “BYOK” (Bring Your Own Key) and “kill switch” technology, which helps payers and providers control security and respond to threats quickly and decisively. This new capability is initially being offered with our cloud-based HealthQx® value-based care analytics suite and will allow customers to:

  • Create, update, or revoke encryption keys on demand, enabling rapid responses when potential or active threats to sensitive data in the cloud are anticipated or encountered
  • Enable a virtual “kill switch” that stops access to protected data and services, and can re-enable access within minutes using a new encryption key

Download the information kits, below, to learn more about the HealthQx BYOK architecture and key management processes.

Download Client Key Management

Download BYOK Architecture

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