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A growing number of healthcare technology vendors are streamlining preauthorizations by integrating the InterQual Connect cloud-based interactive medical review and connectivity solution into their own offerings. Most recently, InfoMC and HealthTrio both announced they are integrating InterQual Connect with their own solutions to automate exception-based utilization management for their provider customers.

InfoMC, a provider of cloud-based healthcare management and care coordination solutions, has integrated InterQual Connect into its Incedo Healthcare Management System. The integration will support a more efficient, standardized clinical review process by allowing care managers to easily access care guidelines from within the Incedo decision-support workflow.

HealthTrio, which aggregates the healthcare community’s administrative and clinical needs through its Smart Connect provider portal, added InterQual Connect within the Smart Connect authorization module. This will enable automated utilization management, allowing providers to perform an InterQual medical review during the authorization submission process. This addition of InterQual Connected helps promote transparency and interaction between the payer and provider–breaking down barriers of communication that have hampered the medical review process.

Now, customers using InfoMC or HealthTrio can now expand automated authorization to include requests that require a medical review–all within their existing systems. Both will now receive faster authorization approvals for most requests and payers only need to interact with the exceptions that can’t be approved automatically. This can reduce the need for duplicative medical reviews and the time spent on routine authorizations.

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