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Fortune: Change Healthcare CEO Says Leadership Actions Will Drive Changes In Healthcare

Fortune’s Susie Gharib invited Change Healthcare CEO Neil de Crescenzo to join her on the air to discuss how the company is fostering a culture of innovation and leadership in healthcare. Tune in to hear Susie and Neil discuss:

  • How becoming a public company changes the way a CEO has to lead their organization
  • How to create a cohesive company culture and shared values
  • How Change Healthcare inspires leadership and innovation at all levels of the company
  • The 9 behaviors that make up Leadership DNA at Change Healthcare
  • How to spark innovation and agility by tapping employee’s passion for improving the U.S.

Get on Board with Bundled Payments

Success in managing an episode of care and profiting in the bundled payment model demands an understanding of every detail along the way. That’s the assessment of Change Healthcare’s Dr. ...

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