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Vendor-neutral archives (VNAs) have provided secure, consolidated data storage to providers for years. But the definition and capabilities of the VNA are changing. The VNA is moving to the cloud, and that’s raising new questions for providers, because not all cloud VNAs are created equal. Some are rehosted legacy solutions, others are hybrids, and still others are built from the ground up for cloud computing—and those distinctions have implications for VNA implementations.

On today’s show, Todd Doherty, Director of Product Management and Data Services at Change Healthcare, reviews the evolution of VNAs, updates us on where the industry is at today and where it’s heading, and what we can expect to see in the future.

Here’s what we talked about.

  • A brief history of VNAs (01:55)
  • The difference between cloud-based, cloud-native, and on-premise (06:05)
  • How SaaS (software as a service) impacts financial forecasting and budgeting (07:52)
  • Supporting emerging use cases through data accessibility and open systems (10:30)
  • The VNA of tomorrow (13:23)
  • Jump-starting your organization’s VNA vision (16:14)

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