How Hospitals Can Improve On-Site and Post-Service Self Pay Capabilities

 In Engagement Strategy, Revenue Cycle

Health reform and the consumerization of healthcare have given rise to a growing self-pay patient population. Hospitals are struggling to figure out how to ensure payment once patients are discharged.

In this interview with Amanda Cancelliere, Vice President of Operations at Change Healthcare, you’ll learn about:

  • The rise of the self-pay patient population and healthcare consumerism
  • Why hospitals struggle to collect once patients leave their facilities, and how to solve that
  • The dramatic effect providers can achieve with up-front estimates, collections, and other strategies
  • The surprising impact of financial counselors
  • What skills financial counselors need to be effective to improve self-pay collections
  • The connection between personalized communications and the propensity to collect from self-pay patients

And lots more …

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Navigating the transition from fee-for-service to value-based models has many providers struggling to control costs and ensure a healthy cash flow.

In this interview with Keith Slater, National Vice President of Sales at Change Healthcare, you’ll learn:

  • How consumerism is changing how ...
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