What to Expect from Change Healthcare Enterprise Viewer™ at RSNA 2019

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As we got ready to showcase our Enterprise Imaging solutions at RSNA 2019, we sat down with our executive team to hear more about Change Healthcare’s presence at the show.

In the third of our three-part series, we talked to Archie Mayani, Vice President of the Product Management teams, which led the development of our new medical image viewer: Change Healthcare Enterprise Viewer.

Q. How can the Enterprise Viewer solution help hospital systems reduce complexities and improve cost-effectiveness?

Archie Mayani: The Change Healthcare Enterprise Viewer is a true zero-footprint viewer that provides diagnostic-quality images—the same lossless quality data that a radiologist is used to. We’ve designed it in a way that it doesn’t need any expensive or specialized hardware … nothing that can quickly become a single point of failure, and nothing that needs endless cycles of upgrades and maintenance.

Along with some other advancements, the zero-footprint technology we used allows for simplified deployment and rapid onboarding of new facilities. Furthermore, in true form for Change Healthcare, the viewer is designed to provide elegance, reliability, and performance at scale, including deep integrations and access with your existing EHR solutions.

By combining enterprise imaging with the EHR, we want to give care teams a comprehensive clinical view at the point of care. The viewer gives you a single source for all your medical imaging data, clinical documentation, and history.

For us, it really is about delivering on the promise we made last year at RSNA, to devise a viewer that empowers physicians and reduces redundancies in your processes. This viewer is designed to help you improve clinical outcomes while realizing a faster return on your HIT investments.

Q. How does the Change Healthcare Enterprise Viewer solution streamline workflow and enhance the EHR experience for the clinical user?

Archie Mayani: As I mentioned earlier, we designed our Change Healthcare Enterprise Viewer to enhance the standard physician/care team experience really by providing ease of access. We’ve got an elegant interface that presents data in a refreshingly intuitive way, to help users collaborate and make better clinical decisions at the point of care. The way we can do that is to actually enable your EHR to truly become the single source for patient information, including imaging data.

Our viewer directly integrates with the market’s leading EHRs, including Epic and Cerner, which lets us present more complete patient information from within these core clinical systems.

Q. Who in the enterprise would benefit from using the Change Healthcare Enterprise Viewer?

Archie Mayani: The entire clinical team! We designed the viewer to intelligently present data alongside diagnostic-quality images. It gives relevant info side-by-side, which provides clinicians with actionable insights.

The Change Healthcare Enterprise Viewer can be easily accessed from mobile devices or desktops, and it is ideally suited for radiology, cardiology, wound care, point-of-care ultrasound, and other care settings. We know that data consumption and accessible imaging are important considerations, so we worked closely with care teams to develop this uniquely designed system.

Q. What are you most excited about at RSNA?

Archie Mayani: Change Healthcare has taken steps to address the challenges and requirements of interoperability with the release of v2.1 of our Enterprise Viewer. With v2.1, interoperability has been optimized with Change Healthcare Cardiology PACS and supported clinical workflows.

Users can now query and retrieve all reports stored within the database. This added functionality gives cardiologists access to imaging from their offices and homes—from any location at all—which is an important capability for emergency situations and when the patient has had a previous care intervention.

And, something we’re especially excited about: in March 2020, the enterprise viewer will be hosted in the cloud through the Change Healthcare Imaging Network.

Q. Why should a customer come to visit us at our booth for a demo?

Archie Mayani: We’d like everyone to experience the Change Healthcare Enterprise Viewer in person! Once you see it in action, you’ll understand what makes this viewer superior to the competition.

From the start, we collaborated with care teams to figure out what they needed from a viewer. Our end product was specifically designed to meet the criteria and needs of each and every role. It’s honestly designed by the care team for the care team.

We understood from the beginning that we had to present large amounts of data in a smart, intuitive way—and our design does that. We give clinicians access to the full patient story no matter where they are. Stop by and take a look!

To learn more about our Enterprise Imaging solutions, stop by and visit us at booth 6713 while at RSNA.

As we got ready to showcase our solutions at RSNA 2019, we sat down with our Enterprise Imaging executive team to hear their views of, and strategy for, Change Healthcare’s presence at the show. Through our Q&A format, you’ll get a high-level look at our core Read More

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