Case Study: How Intelligent Radiology Workflows Transform Private Radiology Practices

Radiologists across the healthcare industry are increasingly charged to do more with less. Private radiology practices feel the squeeze more than others, with narrower margins and less economy of scale. It’s crucial that these practices operate at maximum efficiency. Roper Radiologists PA is a private radiology practice in Charleston, South Carolina. The highly sub-specialized team of 25 radiologists read 300,000 imaging studies a year. The practice faced challenges that will be familiar to most radiologists: Smarter use of sub-specialists, efficiently distributing and assigning studies, and optimizing resources to handle present volume and allow for future growth. As a small practice,

Breast Density: Research for Radiologists

The sensitivity of traditional mammography is diminished in patients with dense breast tissue, because this tissue masks tumors. In fact, Imaging Technology News reports mammograms may miss more ...

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