Enterprise Imaging Inspirations: How to Explore, Invent and Transform Diagnostic Imaging [eBook]

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It’s an exciting time to be in radiology. Advances in enterprise imaging, artificial intelligence, data and analytics have the potential to transform patient care. With the right infrastructure, imaging scans and datasets can be accessed on any device at any time. In addition, health systems face the ongoing challenge of finding greater efficiencies while delivering top-quality care, as reimbursements decline and costs rise.

Let’s take this opportunity to look at how all of these factors are transforming our profession and what it takes to thrive in this rapidly evolving environment. To help guide hospitals, radiologists, and health IT leaders, Change Healthcare is proud to announce our latest interactive eBook: Enterprise Imaging Inspirations: How to Explore, Invent and Transform Diagnostic Imaging.

This eBook draws on our organization’s experience and the expertise of leaders in the healthcare industry to guide health systems to the next stage of imaging transformation. It explores the current state of the art in enterprise imaging, AI, and cybersecurity. Then we take a look at the near future of the industry, to see the inventions on the horizon that will continue to change healthcare for the better. In the final section, we collect reports from leading health systems that have fully transformed their imaging operations and lowered costs, streamlined workflows, and improved quality of care.

Read Enterprise Imaging Inspirations: How to Explore, Invent and Transform Diagnostic Imaging to discover:

  • The eight crucial elements of an enterprise imaging partner
  • How artificial intelligence is impacting radiology decision making
  • How to create a secure enterprise imaging solution
  • How to improve care collaboration with viewer technology
  • How smart analytics turns big data into actionable insights
  • How to increase throughput in your radiology department
  • How industry-leading health systems transformed their imaging departments

Along the way, the eBook presents advice from leaders in the health industry, including Randy Olson, Senior Data Scientist at University of Pennsylvania; Oliver Christie, Artificial Intelligence Consultant at XPRIZE and Garry Choy, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer at Health Informatics & Technology Venture.

Enterprise imaging viewers will save lives and save the healthcare providers from administrative burden. Technology that aims to bring the right data to the healthcare practitioner at the right time will improve outcomes and allow for patients to benefit from faster, more appropriate and higher quality clinical decision making. Furthermore, gone are the days of trying to find the images and sifting through administrative processes to see the original raw (imaging) data. Via enterprise image viewers and similar tech that improves data access and availability, healthcare providers can get what they need, faster, and in better ways, thereby reducing administrative burden.” – Garry Choy

It takes inspiration, exploration and innovation to spark a diagnostic imaging transformation. Enterprise Imaging Inspirations can help your organization begin the journey to the future of diagnostic imaging.

Read and interact with Enterprise Imaging Inspirations: How to Explore, Invent and Transform Diagnostic Imaging to get started.

By Aaron Symanski, CTO, Change Healthcare

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