D.C. Lawmakers Given Inside View into Value of Healthcare Price Transparency

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Tate McDaniel (at computer), SVP of Engagement Solutions at Change Healthcare, meets with lawmakers’ staffers on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Members of two high-profile Washington committees received a tutorial recently on the value of price transparency in healthcare, and how using it helps patients better understand their medical bills.

Change Healthcare SVP of Engagement Solutions Tate McDaniel led healthcare transparency briefings before the House Ways & Means Republican committee staff, as well as the Senate Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions (HELP) Republican committee staff, in Washington, D.C.

The briefings were held as both committees are starting initiatives toward breaking down the cost of healthcare, and they need to know how price transparency helps patients understand these costs.

The meetings were designed to provide a trusted healthcare resource for policymakers. McDaniel led a demonstration of Change Healthcare’s True View product and answered attendees’ questions on how the solution can help consumers make smarter choices. He also provided staffers with insights on promoting price transparency that is both understandable and usable for patients.

True View is an engagement solution for payers who want members to see the costs of medical procedures, guiding those customers to make better healthcare decisions. It helps build trust and loyalty by explaining and maximizing value-based plan designs, which encourages member interaction and can help reduce confusion about billing questions.

McDaniel spent time separately with both committees’ staffs, explaining that the value of transparency is that it will help educate consumers to better understand their healthcare options.


A Change Healthcare study found a majority of consumers say their engagement experience with both health plans and providers hasn’t improved, yet a similar majority of payers say investing in such engagement is a top priority for them.

The discrepancy points to a larger problem, but in a Health Management ...

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