CMS Follows Change Healthcare Stance, Announces New Interoperability Initiatives

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Echoing some ideas put forth less than a week earlier by Change Healthcare, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Seema Verma announced several new initiatives for interoperability at the HIMSS ’18 Conference in Las Vegas. During her keynote address, Verma said that for data to flow freely, there would have to be an overhaul of meaningful use. At that, “the full ballroom at HIMSS18 broke into applause,” Healthcare IT News reported.

Verma’s comments came just days after Change Healthcare EVP Dr. Kris Joshi suggested the same course of action, in an popular editorial published in Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review. In what turned out to be a prescient commentary, Joshi said: “Despite more than a decade of advances in digitizing health records, building patient portals, and transitioning from paper to electronic prescriptions, healthcare is woefully behind when it comes to meeting normal consumer expectations for information and guidance that they can understand … a truly patient-centric healthcare system should allow all medical data to be accessible when and where it is needed,” with the results helping patients be more informed decision-makers, and lowering the cost of medical innovation.

Read Seema Verma’s full comments

Read Kris Joshi’s editorial

Change Healthcare has announced the release of InterQual AutoReview, a flexible SaaS solution which automates the medical review process by pulling clinical data directly from the EHR, Health Management Technology reports. The result is a medical review produced within providers’ case management systems.

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