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Medical claim denials–they erode providers’ bottom lines, impede timely reimbursement, and sap time and money to appeal.

But how much hospital revenue is put at risk by denials annually? How much does it really cost to re-work a claim? What are provider organizations spending on appeals? How do denial rates compared across the country?

These are some of the questions that Change Healthcare analytics experts looked to answer. And using our revenue cycle analytics tools—the same tools we provide to customers—we revealed the state of denials nationally.

The answers, available in a new e-book, may surprise you.

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A new study by Change Healthcare shows that of $3 trillion in medical claims submitted last year, $262 billion worth were initially denied. And while an average of 63% of those claims were recoverable, appeals-related administrative costs totaled $8.6 billion. The good news is that providers can now see where they ...

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