Change Healthcare Health Economist Speaks at Healthcare Leadership Council in Washington

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Change Healthcare Health Economist Jim Dalen speaking at the recent Healthcare Leadership Council event in Washington, DC.

Jim Dalen, Health Economist at Change Healthcare, recently participated in a panel discussion organized by the Healthcare Leadership Council, of which Change Healthcare is member, about the impact of social conditions on health in Washington, DC.

The Council held the briefing titled, “Outside the Hospital Walls: Addressing the Social Determinants of Health for High-Need Patients,” to address the role determinants play in the quality and cost of care. Along with Change Healthcare, the event featured experts from Baxter, Maxim Healthcare Services, and Novo Nordisk.

The collaboratively insightful presentations focused on varying approaches to assisting high-need patients away from the doctor’s office. Beyond identifying the needs of the more vulnerable, the panel also highlighted customized care plans, community assistance programs, and remote monitoring.

Jim covered the assistance Change Healthcare provides to Medicare Advantage (MA) low-income beneficiaries enrolling in Medicaid as a dual eligible and other community-based programs. The data presented shows that those assisted are more satisfied with their MA plan and remain enrolled in the plan longer than those not assisted.

Attendees also learned how healthcare organizations can assist in providing access to basic needs associated with health and wellness. It was noted that lack of nutrition, electricity, transportation, and health literacy can all be impacted by the innovation of the private sector, with the additional benefit of cost savings.

The briefing was attended by more than 50 Capitol Hill staff and external healthcare policy stakeholders.

In a new featured article on Healthcare Informatics, Change Healthcare’s Bill Sillar examines the importance of managing chronic conditions to help deliver better care while keeping costs under control.

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