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Change Healthcare and Pegasystems Connect Claims Payment SystemsChange Healthcare announced today that its ClaimsXten and ClaimsXten Select now interoperate with Pegasystems Claims Processing, helping payers ensure fast, accurate payment in compliance with internal and CMS medical policies and guidelines—all within their familiar Pegasystems workflows.

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By Lynanne B. Morganstern, MD, MBA Medical Director, InterQual Care Planning Genetic tests are revolutionizing more than medicine. They’re revolutionizing the doctor-patient experience as they increasingly become a consumer-driven service. And that’s raising questions for providers and challenges for payers. The direct-to-consumer 23andMe DNA test kit was FDA-approved in early April. For $200, anyone can order a test that reports on genetic markers for certain health conditions, and genetic variants for certain health conditions’ carrier status. For just $50 more, consumers can order the Color test panel which looks at 30 genes to provide a risk assessment for common hereditary

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