Blockchain in Healthcare, and What It Means for Payers and Providers

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You’ve heard about blockchain and how it can help ensure secure transactions, a critical factor when it comes to transmitting personal financial and health information.

In this presentation by Emily Vaughn Bailey, director of blockchain product development at Change Healthcare, she expands on blockchain’s impact on the healthcare industry and emphasizes the value of the infrastructure on claims and revenue cycle management.

Also in the conversation with Health Unchained, Emily talks about:

  • The path of adoption for blockchain technology
  • Visualizing smart contracts to bring together business architects and product teams
  • Connecting Change Healthcare clearinghouse services to the blockchain
  • How blockchain helps manage $3 trillion in transactions per year

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Most physician practices would agree that denied claims are a drain on resources and have a negative impact on cash flow and revenue. What practices may not realize is just how significant that impact can be. Nearly 90% of denied claims are avoidable and 50% to 65% are never reworked,

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