Blockchain and the Future of Healthcare Payment

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Four of healthcare’s leading thinkers took a closer look at value-based payment models and blockchain technology’s role in the future of healthcare payment at the recent Distributed: Health 2017 Conference in Nashville.

The session, titled “Future of Payment Models”, was moderated by John Bass, CEO of Hashed Health, a collaborative healthcare firm boosting blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

Bass was joined onstage by Aaron Symanski, CTO, Change Healthcare; Francois de Brantes, Vice President & Director, Altarum Center for Payment Innovation; and Ray Herschman, Vice President, Accountable Care Strategy and Business Development, Cerner Corporation.

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Change Healthcare announced the launch of the first blockchain solution for enterprise-scale use in healthcare, enabling payers and providers to boost revenue cycle efficiency, improve real-time analytics, cut costs, and create innovative new ...

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