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Adobe & Microsoft

Change Healthcare, Adobe and Microsoft are partnering to bring healthcare-specific solutions to revolutionize patient experience, utilizing Change Healthcare's data and application expertise, Adobe's customer experience capabilities, and Microsoft's cloud and application capabilities. The solution is expected to collect, aggregate, and activate consumer data from disparate healthcare IT sources, including EHRs, registration, scheduling, billing, and other mission-critical applications, while taking care to respect patient confidentiality and privacy. Together, this will enable delivery organizations to orchestrate and improve patient interactions to deliver a seamless experience that ultimately improves patient loyalty and new patient attraction.

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Amazon Web Services

Our partnership with AWS is broad and continues to expand, enabling us to speed innovation and bring exceptional value to our customers by leveraging innovative operational efficiencies within our infrastructure to maximize the performance of our products and ultimately enable better patient outcomes. Change Healthcare uses AWS’ secure and scalable cloud services and environments to host our Intelligent Healthcare Network™ and foundational components of our Intelligent Healthcare Platform. As our preferred provider for Cloud Hosting, Cloud Storage and Cloud Services, AWS enables us to provide reliable and highly-available services to our developers so that they can create, innovate and impact healthcare cost effective solutions. Change Healthcare uses AWS’ portfolio of cloud enablement solutions to speed transformation to the cloud and speed solution development. Lastly, the AWS Marketplace allows us to enhance discovery of, sell, and digitally distribute products across our portfolio including APIs, Data, ML Models, and Solutions to healthcare companies and other audiences.

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