Change Healthcare Partners with Adobe and Microsoft

Increasingly patients are demanding consumer-style, frictionless experiences across their healthcare journey, but delivery organizations are ill-equipped given silos of data and business processes and other challenges. To meet these demands, Change Healthcare, Adobe and Microsoft are partnering to bring healthcare-specific solutions to revolutionize patient experience, utilizing Change Healthcare's data and application expertise, Adobe's customer experience capabilities, and Microsoft's cloud and application capabilities. Together, this will enable delivery organizations to orchestrate and improve patient interactions to deliver a seamless experience that ultimately improves patient loyalty and new patient attraction..


We are excited that Adobe, Microsoft and Change Healthcare have agreed to create innovative solutions that will deliver wide-ranging benefits for patients and their healthcare delivery organizations.
By bringing together three leading organizations with the right complementary capabilities spanning healthcare IT and workflow, data, consumer experience, and cloud infrastructure, we will create solutions that can revolutionize patient experience

- Neil de Crescenzo