Advancing the Use of APIs in Healthcare

As healthcare transitions to value-based care and consumerism, APIs will be foundational to new solutions across healthcare IT.

At Change Healthcare, we know that simply having APIs is not enough. To make APIs true solution enablers for healthcare, they must be treated as products, and approached with a strategic, product-focused mindset.

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A New Way of Thinking About Healthcare: Productized APIs

While APIs are well-established in healthcare, helping organizations address challenges related to data transfer and solution development, a new approach is needed to drive faster innovation. By thinking of APIs as products that solve problems vs. merely serving niche data transfer functions, developers can leverage their capabilities and patterns to more quickly create scalable, multifunctional solutions. Such productized APIs also enable a more responsive feedback cycle, so developers can readily iterate across experiences and workflows.

Advancing the API-as-a-Product model, Change Healthcare offers the API & Services Connection™ –– a destination for healthcare innovators to immerse themselves in concept, interact with developers, and explore our portfolio of API products that power solutions for all parts of the patient-provider-payer interaction.

Creating an API & Services Connection™ Marketplace for the healthcare industry

Creating a destination where our internal users, customers, partners, and the healthcare ecosystem can readily discover, interact with, and use our broad portfolio of clinical, financial, operational, and patient experience products and solutions in a secure, scalable, and easy to operate manner.

Accelerating Healthcare Innovation by Productizing APIs

We dare the industry to move to a place where data, insights and connectivity are available to all innovators to address the needs of our patients, the providers that care for them, and the payors supporting that care

API & Services Connection™

Explore our portfolio of APIs including AI, Clinical and Operational workflow solutions